Sawyer Products, leaders in technologically advanced outdoor solutions, have today announced the newest addition to its trusted line of personal water filtration systems, the Tap Filter. Stemming from Sawyer’s global welfare initiatives through the charitable arm of the brand, Sawyer International, the Tap Filter provides a brand-new option for families around the world to access the benefits of Sawyer’s world-renowned water filtration technology. The introduction of Sawyer’s Tap Filter will now allow people to enjoy 99.99999 percent bacteria-free water through the faucets in their very own home – making access to clean, safe drinking water more feasible than ever for those in need.

Perfect for emergency preparedness before a major event, in the aftermath of natural disasters, when traveling overseas, or during water boil advisories, the Tap Filter provides an easy way to access clean water directly from your plumbing. Simply install the filter on any standard tap, open the faucet, and begin filtering out clean water that is safe for anyone to drink.

Over the last decade, Sawyer International has partnered with over 70 non-profit organizations in over 90 countries to bring clean water solutions to underserved populations. Through providing relief to both remote villages and urban areas in developing counties worldwide, Sawyer’s engineers recognized a significant need for a water filtration system suitable for areas where indoor plumbing is widely available, yet access to clean water may not be as widespread. Thus, the idea for the Tap Filter was born.

Designed with Sawyer’s hollow fiber membrane technology, which was inspired and derived from kidney dialysis devices, the Tap Filter removes 99.99999 percent of bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and 100% of microplastics found in fresh water, no matter the source or geographic location. Sawyer’s Tap Filter is certified for 0.1 absolute micron filtration making it impossible for harmful pathogens like salmonella or cysts like E. coli, Giardia and Vibrio cholerae to pass through.

“At Sawyer Products, we pride ourselves on delivering safe and effective clean water solutions to the avid outdoorsman, developing global communities, and more,” says Kurt Avery, Sawyer Products CEO. “After recognizing a need in the global markets, the Tap Filter makes clean water more accessible than ever before.”

Built with the Sawyer Standard℠ in mind, the Tap Filter is incredibly robust and developed for long-term use. The Tap Filter joins the fleet of Sawyer’s world-renowned water filters, filtering up to 500 gallons of water a day without the need for expensive replacement cartridges, unlike other water filters on the market. Users can easily maintain their Tap Filter through basic upkeep, simply backwash the filter when the self-regulating rubber seal detaches from the faucet, indicating cleaning is needed. Simply backwash the filter with included attachments and you’re safe to keep filtering.

Each filter cleans water at an industry-leading 0.1 absolute micron standard and is triple tested before leaving the factory. The filter’s hollow fiber membrane is constructed with fibers so robust, each unit can be backwashed, allowing the filter to be reused over and over again. This rigorous standard eliminates the need for any bottled water and assures confidence when clean water is unreliable.

A study by Calvin University’s Clean Water Institute shows that Sawyer’s hollow fiber technology is 75 percent stronger than other fiber filters for guaranteed superior filtration and worry-free hydration. All Sawyer water filters exceed the EPA’s recommended removal rates for safe water and Sawyer is the only personal filtration company to test every filter three times before leaving the production facility to ensure the quality and functionality of each water filtration system.

The Tap Filter is now available on and will be available at major retailers such as Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, and Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2021.