In Paris, the city of lights and the home of iconic design is nestled a luxurious and eclectic 1450 square feet apartment. An apartment fit for the most creative minds, this project is one of the many homes of a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing world. Boca do Lobo Design Studio teamed up with the private client to collaborate in this unique interior design project. A multimillion-dollar penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectable design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time.

White is the key color of the interior design project giving it length and the perfect starting point for different contemporary design concepts. A neutral and clean background where everything fits perfectly in harmony. From gold surfaces that express luxury, to carefully hand-painted tiles preserving history, and the final touches of marble, one of the noblest materials to ever grace our world, every detail is carefully thought out. Embracing the elegant details of classic architecture, this apartment features the white French wall mouldings, highlighting the classical style of the French windows.

Influenced by the city’s renaissance period, art worthy designs and sculptures enhance the decor bringing to life the richness of the history of those before us. The luxury apartment has an open space concept that combines all the rooms through one unique style, yet the functional needs and the high-tech amenities separate each area perfectly.

The one-bedroom luxury apartment was fully designed by Boca do Lobo Design Studio. The master bedroom, the tailored closet and the bespoke kitchen were the main challenges for the team in this exclusive interior design project. A fully functional office was also one of the architect’s imperative requests.

Entrance gallery

In interior design the entryway is the home’s greeting card and what welcomes those who visit it. Contrasting in the colors but converging in the aesthetic and boldness of the pieces, the Entry Gallery shows that details are everything.

Covering the entire entryway, on both sides, the iconic and exclusive Heritage Sideboard brings color to an almost monochromatic environment. Composed by carefully hand-painted tiles, this is a design that tells a story, through an ancient Portuguese technic. On the walls, large round mirrors with gold frames, that were specially designed for the client, give the space dimension and the Midas touch that connects everything. 

On the end of this large entrance is featured the modern Pietra round table, carved with mastery in white marble, the key element of this space matching the typical french floors. Illuminating the setting, a beautiful white and gold chandelier brings a contemporary and futuristic touch to the entrance gallery.

Living Room

In a wide and bright room, the living room is one of the main areas in this opulent french apartment. Surrounded by art and romantic sculptures that call back to Ancient Greece, this space is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary, in an artistic symbiosis.

In the center of the living room lays a new version of the iconic Imperfectio Sofa, this time in a chaise long. This unique design piece shows that imperfection can be perfect, and a beautiful and artsy piece can both be aesthetically pleasing, and a comfortable place to rest. Surrounded by the sofa, the magnificent center table is a product of the brand’s Bespoke Service. This design became part of 2021 novelties debuts.

The aesthetic of the space is defined by the combination of its colors, shapes and materials. The cream tones in the textiles of the upholsteries, the gold of the brass and the earth tones of the marble bring the perfect balance and harmony to the room.

Dining Area

Following the open-concept lines of the decor, the living room transitions into the dining room, maintaining the same characteristics and aesthetic. As part of the project, the dining room is one of the stars of this elegant and artful interior design. Every piece is unique, exclusive coexisting as a masterpiece both individually and together.

The different finishes are one of the features that contribute to the coherence of this interior design project, with statement pieces and timeless hues. The dining room mixes neutral tones, with black and dark brown wood surfaces contrasting with the exquisiteness of gold brass. But what truly elevates this ambiance are the pieces that make this project a living art-gallery, comprehensive furniture that could easily be considered an iconic collectable design piece such as the imposing Empire Dining Table taking center stage with the Glance mirror and the memorable Nº11 Chair complementing this beautiful and perfectly designed area.

Transitioning into the kitchen area, this project debuts new pieces but also new spaces where Boca do Lobo can be present.  Everything in this apartment is unconventional sharing the space with the dining room, the kitchen is open and perfectly embraces the aesthetic of this glamorous apartment. 

Mixing dark tones and illuminated by the gold present in the whole project, this area is not only functional but also luxurious. The main piece is the dark marble Kitchen Island with the perfect amount of gold touch and the minimalistic design, to match the dining and living room. This bespoke piece was designed to break the space and to gather all the ambiances at the same time.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is mainly inspired by the art pieces that the client brings from all the corners of the world, like the vintage black mirror and the contrasting rug, but the center stage it’s definitely the king-size bed. This beautiful bed is framed with the handmade Lapiaz Headboard. This imposing design piece is inspired by the french word for ‘stone’ that when frizzed, cracks into an unexpected stunning interior revealing all the inside details.

The master wardrobe design has a central lounge area with two statement armchairs, covered in brass, giving the space an authentic and luxury style. Glass doors unveil the Designer clothes collection and give the closet a feeling of bright and open space. Fulfilling this elegant room, the neutral and patterned rug from the brand Rug Society, a partner in this project, works really well in the interior design geometry and helps to bring warmth into the luxury closet needs.

The time everyone spends in the bathroom is precious. This concept was the owner’s moto to build an entire efficient bathroom that looks like a private spa. With a green wall to set the mood and a bespoke bathtub by Maison Valentina, with artistic handmade tiles, this space was perfectly designed to inspire and calm the mind. Not forgetting the sauna area that warms the space covered in luxury marble walls and floor.