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Flyover launches Awaken Canada for Canada Day long-weekend


Flyover, a unique attraction that transports guests to iconic destinations across the globe through immersive films, is excited to debut their latest film, Awaken Canada, exclusively at Flyover in Vancouver on June 28, in advance of the Canada Day long-weekend.

An all-new heightened and visceral experience, building on the original Canada flight ride, Awaken Canada is a collective appreciation of Canada’s vast and diverse landscapes and of its many cultures. Aptly unveiling over Canada Day weekend, this is a stunning experience that will continue to impress fans of Flyover worldwide.

Awaken Canada Highlights:

  • Vancouver’s new signature flying journey 
  • An immersive flying journey in front of a 65-foot spherical screen
  • Celebrates Canada’s beauty, diversity and welcoming spirit
  • Showcases spectacular landscapes from different perspectives such as soaring above Baffin Island, through the sails of the historic Bluenose II, the Prairies, Mt. Logan, the Athabasca Sand Dunes, the Arctic, and more
  • Flight motion seats are used to engineer swoops, dips and turns to provide feeling of flight
  • Replacing the original Canada flight ride, which ran for 10 years, with a heightened experience and cutting-edge sound and projection upgrades
  • Utilizes integrated drone technology and classic cinematic helicopter shots
  • Created in collaboration with Parks Canada
  • Will debut world-wide at other Flyover locations at a later date