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Three Adventure Travel Activities Worth Trying

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

There are two types of travelers. First are those who enjoy sun-bathing by the beach, content to let the entire day pass without any stress. They call it a vacation, after all. Then there are those who continue to seek thrills wherever they go, engaging in strenuous physical activities to let off some steam.

If you’re the latter, these adventure travel activities just might be your definition of a holiday.

  1. Hunting

Experiencing the wildlife through hunting is seeing the world on a completely new different level. You will get to see different species usually caged in zoos in their natural habitats. To discover ecosystems outside of your own backyards, beginners should undergo extensive preparations. Don’t forget to scout or research the area you’re heading to. This will help you find the right kind of training and gear to bring with you. Your first kill may depend entirely on the scent attractant you’ve brought with you or whether you’re using appropriate binoculars for hunting.

Where to hunt:

Hunting is popular in Europe. Scandinavian countries have highly suggested hunting destinations.

  1. Rock climbing

With rock climbing using the most amount of your muscle groups, this type of adventure will give you that adrenaline rush in no time. Prior to going up wild lands, an indoor rock climbing experience can help you prepare for your journey.

Amazing climb spots are in:

California boasts Pinnacles and Yosemite National Parks as its top climb spots. Spain’s Costa Blanca and China’s YangShuo are two spots worth adding to your list.

  1. Trekking

Trekking will give you a wider angle of the world, contrary to hiking, as trekking will take you to wonderful places where obtaining means of transportation is a challenge. It may be a notch down from the physical stamina required from rock climbing, but because of its accessibility, it lists as one of the more common activities for adventure travels.

Discover beautiful treks in these places:

Denali National Park in Alaska, Montana’s Glacier National Park and W Circuit in Chile are undiscovered but Instagram-worthy locations that will keep your adrenaline rush flowing.

There are factors to consider when going on an adventure travel—physical preparedness and budgetary boundaries are two of them. There are resources like websites and apps you may use for travel planning. Proper research will help you choose which journey to take and shall serve as goals for your next adventure travel.