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Complete Your Kitchen Style

The right faucet can define the look you are trying to achieve

The right faucet can define the look

Not only is where meals are prepared, but it tends to be a central gathering point, whether it is the family in the morning before a busy day at school and work, or friends getting together to share some laughs and good times. 

And when it comes time to renovate the kitchen space, it is project that could cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and put your cooking area out of commission for several weeks on end. If you are going to make that commitment to get the kitchen of your dreams, you want to do it right. This isn’t the kind of project you want to undertake on a regular basis.

When undertaking the task of building your dream kitchen, Pfister offers the following advice:

  • Know Your Style — Before starting, know what style you are trying to achieve in your kitchen. This will influence all the pieces you are going to put in, from the appliances to the lights to the fixtures. Without this vision, you could end up with a haphazard look. For example, you don’t want gleaming stainless steel appliances in a rustic kitchen with lots of natural wood deep browns. That design calls for a more subdued and classic look — black stainless steel will blend, as will fixtures finished in matte black or Tuscan bronze.
  • Be Wary of Trends — Just like fashion, some elements of a kitchen come in and out of style. But when investing in a kitchen, there are certain pieces where you want to with more a timeless look, as you will be living with that look for many years. Think countertops, cupboards and backsplash. While cupboards can be painted, it’s no small task; neither is replacing the countertop or backsplash.
  • Think About Convenience — There is the standard “triangle configuration” that places your fridge, stove and sink in a way that makes moving between the three easy. But more can be done to make your kitchen more convenient. Incorporate a larder or pantry cupboard to keep needed ingredients close by. Touch-free faucets enable you to turn the water on and off with a wave of your hand. Save space by mounting your microwave under the counter or, even better, in an island. Mount a pot filler over the stove to save carrying pots full of water all over the place.
  • Spoil Yourself — Some things are not need to have, but they are nice to have. Think a wine fridge in the island, or two sinks — a big country-style sink in the bank of cupboards and smaller bar sink on the island. These little conveniences will make your kitchen that much more inviting.

 When it comes to your style, not just any faucet will do. The faucet it among the most high-traffic places in your home. Every resident uses it, and many visitors do as well. As a focal point, it can carry your style, or make your kitchen feel disjointed. Pfister offers the following for consideration in your design:

  • Contemporary – Sleek and minimalist, the Stellen is more than just modern in design and style. With a  hands-free function, it brings high-tech to the sink.
  • Country – With classic pump-style handles and a swooping design, the Ashfield family brings a look to the kitchen reminiscent of the farm. It is a functional work of art that speaks to a more simple time.
  • Professional – A chef’s restaurant kitchen has lots of stainless steel and butcher block; it is a growing trend to bring that style into the home, and the Neera one-handle culinary faucet looks like it came right from the back room of your favourite eatery.
  • Ultra-Modern — The bold and minimalist Arkitek kitchen faucet shows geometric forms and squared corners. Its straight lines draw attention to a refined aesthetic that make a bold statement.
  • Industrial — The Breckenridge family is fetchingly unique. Inspired by industrial design and softened by smoothly ergonomic function, it takes its cues from old school utilitarian hardware, such as hex-nut tap styling and raised lettering denoting “hot” and “cold” taps. It harkens back to a time of urban simplicity, and fits perfect in a modern masterpiece of a coastal cottage.
  • Rustic – The finish of your faucet is important to its look. When trying to achieve a rustic look in the kitchen, look for something in matte black or brushed bronze, which is growing in popularity. The classic ornamentation on the Wheaton achieves the perfect rustic look.
  • Timeless — A simple design with gentle curves and rounded edges will tie together most any décor. The Ladera marries modern and traditional to create an aesthetic harmony at the sink.

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