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4 Things You Can Do Right Away to Keep Your Home Safe from Snow, Ice & Freezing Rain

Image by Ingrid

The cold weather brings many dangers to homes, especially those that aren’t well insulated. Here are four steps to take before the first snowfall to ensure your family stays warm and dry this winter.

Cover exposed pipes with insulation or plastic wrap.

Insulation is an inexpensive solution to help prevent heat loss through walls and floors. It’s also effective at preventing moisture damage. Wrap exposed pipes with plastic wrap or tape. This will protect against leaks and freezing.

Check doors and windows for weatherstripping.

If you notice any gaps between the door frame and the door itself, or between the window frame and the glass, make sure to fill those holes with caulk. Weatherstripping helps keep out cold air and water while letting warm air inside.

Fill any holes around exterior walls with caulk.

Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading outside. If you see snow, ice, freezing rain, or wind chills below zero, you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect yourself and your property.

Check chimneys for loose bricks or other debris.

Before you head out into the cold, make sure to check your chimney for any loose bricks or other debris that might fall down during heavy winds. This will help prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.