Across the country, Canadians are doing their part to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus by self-isolating and practicing physical distancing.

With mass gatherings prohibited, non-essential services shut down and strong encouragement from the government to just stay home, we are left to find ways to keep ourselves entertained within our own domain.

If we are going to be stuck at home going from one end of our preferred streaming services to the other, it is great time to reassess our home entertainment options, and consider some upgrades to build the ultimate home theatre.

Here are the must-have components for a home theatre, and you can shop for most safely online:

  • Big Television — The ideal home theatre begins and ends with the television. A big screen — bright colours, stark contrast, smooth flow — is the heart of the system. If budget permits, it doesn’t come closer to cinema-quality in your home than a laser tv. The next generation projection screen boasts 4K HDR on screens up to 120 inches. Unlike traditional projectors, it doesn’t mount on your ceiling or at the back of the room — it sits on the floor in front of the screen, so there is no worry about someone walking between the projector and screen when they get up. Every Hisense Laser TV comes equipped with a Harmon Kardon sound system — but more on a sound in a moment. If a laser TV is beyond your budget, seek out a ULED Quantum Dot TV. Up to 75 inches, slim, a bezel-less frame. It has more than a billion colours in its palette, with amplified contrast, brightness and smooth motion.  These TVs also come pre-equipped with all of your favourite streaming services — Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Crave — and access to thousands of movies and TV shows through the popular Android o/s.
  • Big Sound — A key advantage to seeing a movie in a theatre is sound you can feel. Replicate that at home with a true surround system. Today’s receivers integrate with your smarthome network and serve as the gateway for all of your entertainment options. HDMI inputs are a given nowadays, and we recommend a 7.1 system, meaning you have seven speakers providing the sound — a centre channel, two front, two back and two mid, plus a subwoofer. Next is invest in good speakers. You want the sound to fill the room and, like you would get in the theatre, make you feel it.
  • Big Comfort — Where you sit matters. If you are going to be spending some time in front of the screen, you want to be comfortable. Beyond the comfy couch or chairs (hint – go for recliners!), you will need tables where you can rest snacks, drinks and perhaps the remotes. But comfort goes beyond how soft your couch is. Many home theatres are set up in a finished basement, but these can also be damp spaces. Setting up a dehumidifier not only makes it a more comfortable sitting environment, it also helps protect your home theatre components from potential moisture damage — and they run quietly so won’t disturb your home viewing entertainment experience.
  • Big Snacks — Nothing kills the momentum or tension of a good movie than having to pause it so you can refresh your drink. A bar fridge in your home theatre will keep all of your refreshments handy for quick access when you need them, without having to interrupt the story line.
  • Big Protection — A home theatre system commands a lot of power to several sensitive components. A surge protector will protect your TV and receiver from an electrical surge that could be potentially fatal to your system.

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