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Summer Festivals in your own Garden

Photo Lights4fun.co.uk ©Lights4fun Ltd. 2019 Image Shot By Oliver Perrott

With challenging times also come numerous opportunities to get creative and make memories you are sure to cherish forever. As festival season is fast approaching, and we are lucky enough to have sun-soaked afternoons, now is the time to plan your Summer festival in the garden.

To set the festival feeling lighting is essential, and it is the perfect excuse to really go to town with fairy lights. Swag fairy lights and festoons between tree branches or festoon poles and hang white lanterns in trees. If you’d like to go the extra mile, wrap connectable fairy lights around the trunks of trees, this will truly transform your space. 

Festival food is a must, think finger food with an exotic twist, concoct some fun cocktails and mocktails to make the day feel like a special occasion. Dressing the table with micro lights and outdoor candles is the most effective way to complete any outdoor setting.

Finally, it’s time for the festival to begin. Get dressed up perhaps even partake in a little facepainting and flower-crown making. 

To complete your garden-fest the entertainment needs to be as close the real thing as you can get. Many events are actually putting on live-streams whilst other big names such as Glastonbury have compiled a playlist featuring all the artists lined up for the event.

As they say, the show must go on!