Maytag Survey Reveals Major Pain Points for Canadian Pet Owners

Canadians have had it with pet hair! The new Maytag® Pet Pro Laundry System can help conquer pet hair like a pro


A recent survey1 by Maytag released today found that Canada has got some pretty hairy cities across the country. The reason why? Their pets! Winnipeg takes the top spot with nearly 70% of its population owning pets. Closely behind are Calgary and Quebec City with 55% and 54% of their population owning pets, respectively. It’s no secret that Canadians across the country have a special love for their pets. What they don’t love is the mess they leave behind. While 90% of Canadian pet owners say their furry friends are an important member of their family, nearly half (49%) say their pets significantly contribute to the mess in their home. The main culprit – pet hair. 

The Maytag® Pet Pro System is designed to visibly remove pet hair. Dog and cat owners across Canada report finding pet hair on their clothing (79%), on their couch (79%), in their washer/dryer (50%) and even in their food (31%)! Since our four-legged friends have trouble pulling their weight when it comes to chores, this leaves pet parents with the unending task of cleaning up after them. In fact, one third of dog and cat owners (32%) find it difficult to stay on top of cleaning up after Fido and Whiskers, and another (31%) spend more time than they would like doing this. 

“We found that there is a gap in the market for laundry solutions that effectively cater to the needs of pet owners, especially when it comes to hair”, said Janice Ryder, Senior Brand Manager for Maytag at Whirlpool Canada. “Current laundry systems on the market have limitations in being able to handle pet hair. The Maytag® Pet Pro System was designed specifically to tackle pet hair in laundry, ensuring pet owners can get back to what’s most important – time with their pets instead of cleaning up after them.”  

Maytag® Pet Pro System 

To help Canadians conquer pet hair like pros, the Maytag® Pet Pro System is the first laundry pair engineered for homes with pets. The washer includes a Pet Pro filter that removes 5x more pet hair2 – no prework needed. The dryer features an XL lint trap that is built to trap and remove loads of pet hair. The Maytag® Pet Pro System works together as a complete laundry solution. 

Now available in electric and gas models and in volcano black and white, this laundry pair is equipped with exciting features: 

  • Pet Pro Option in washer unleashes additional water and a deep rinse to activate the Pet Pro Filter, which lifts and captures pet hair from clothes. 
  • Pet Pro Filter in the washer catches the hair in the removable and easy-to-clean filter. 
  • Pet Pro Option in dryer uses a no-heat, extended dry time to lift pet hair from clothes and capture it in the XL lint trap. 
  • XL Lint Trap in the dryer is built to trap and remove loads of pet hair. 
  • Steam-Enhanced Dryer harnesses the power of steam to help prevent wrinkles and refresh clothes. 

National Pets Day: Let’s Celebrate! 

National Pets Day is coming up. To celebrate and reward Canadian pet owners for all they do, Maytag is offering an opportunity to win the full Maytag® Pet Pro System. Head over to Maytag’s Instagram, @Maytag_CA, on April 11, 2023, to enter the contest for a chance to win! 

More Fast Facts from the Survey1: 

  • One-third of dog and cat owners (31%) say pet hair has become a part of their wardrobe; 
  • Nearly half (43%) say they are often using a lint roller to remove pet hair from their clothing; 
  • Over a third of Canadians without pets (36%) feel uncomfortable with pet hair in other people’s homes, and nearly half (47%) believe that pets can make a home feel messier. 
  • Almost nine in 10 Canadian dog and cat owners (87%) report vacuuming up pet hair at least once per week! 
  • The fourth and fifth Hairiest Cities in Canada, by pet ownership, are Edmonton (52%) and Montreal (51%). 

The Maytag Pet Pro System is now available at appliance retailers across Canada as well as online at For more about the Maytag® Pet Pro System, visit 

1 About the Maytag Survey 
H+K Strategies used the Leger Opinion online panel to survey 2,000 Canadians over the period of February 3rd to 8th, 2023. Sampling was done within age, gender, and region quotas. Length of survey was less than 10 minutes. Data was weighted on age, gender, and region according to 2016 census figures. An associated margin of error for a randomly selected sample of n=2,000 would be ±2.1%, 19 times out of 20. 

2 Disclaimer 
Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.