It’s the year 2001, and Britney and Justin Timberlake have just hit the red carpet in a denim on denim look that is going to forever adDRESS the need for denim to be used in more thoughtful and creative ways more often. Now you might think, I’m about to tell you about the best denim jacket out there or denim used for a loafer (honestly, don’t hate this idea), but plot twist – I’m going to let you in on the best secret in the interior design world: denim-style fabric is a must-have upholstery selection. 

The good news is that denim, which has not only proven since it was conceived, to be a durable material, has also proven itself to be easy on the eyes. Eco-friendly, non-toxic furniture manufacturer, Medley happens to agree and has made their own variation, with a denim alternative made from polyester, without any harmful chemicals expended in the manufacturing process. The fabric, dubbed Bennett Denim, is available on a range of stylish furnishings and gives the look of your favorite designer jeans, without the environmental hang-up. All handcrafted in their LA workshop, Medley’s assortment of denim decor is in fashion and at home in a modern, contemporary home.