coffee machine

Introducing Son of a Barista, an artisan espresso- based coffee maker and pod system, that combines high-quality barista level coffee with accessibility and convenience. Son of a Barista is redefining the industry by reinventing the coffee maker and pod model by going direct to consumers to offer high quality coffee at excellent prices that are up to 40-50% lower than those of the next leading brands. Son of a Barista offers organic, sustainable coffee that is sourced from around the world with pods that contain 50% more coffee than other leading brands for a richer coffee experience. By leveraging a direct-to-consumer approach, they are able to cut out the retailers, storefronts, and costly ads and pass those savings on to the consumer.

Son of a Barista is especially unique in its origin story. The company launched with a focus on offering coffee solutions to trendy boutique hotels at wholesale prices. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit just as the brand was getting started, and all the hospitality business dried up forcing the SOAB to adapt. “We always loved the idea of going direct-to-consumer, but before all this happened, we were strictly focused on helping hotels provide a better coffee experience to their guests. When Covid hit, and our hotel business dried up, we quickly decided to apply everything hotels loved about the brand and offer it to consumers directly. Fortunately for us, it was hit,” comments Albert Dahan, serial entrepreneur and fellow Co-Founder. 

The Start-Up Kit is $78 and includes four of boxes of coffee –  two month’s worth of coffee (120 capsules) – and a complimentary coffee machine. The founders are so confident that people will love the coffee, that with the purchase of the Starter Kit – the machine is included. The retro style machine is available in black or white, and is a great addition to any kitchen design.

With a fun, catchy (and tongue-and-cheek) name, Son of a Barista intends to disrupt the coffee industry and shake up the convention. For years, technology companies have been disrupting industries and shaking up traditional models with the sole focus of improving the customer experience. “As an Italian, food and tradition are very important. So with that said, it would be sacrilegious to change the coffee itself, but the distribution model is fair game and it has been ripe for disruption for some time now,” says Luca Capula, CEO and Co-Founder of Son of a Barista.

Son of a Barista boasts five various coffee pods including Puro – single origin Ethiopian, Aromatico – South American arabica, Cremosa and Cremosa Decaf.

Son of a Barista is redefining the industry by reinventing the pod size and sourcing only organic, sustainable coffee from around the world. The industry standard coffee capsule contains around 5 grams of coffee. Though this has become an industry standard, it is done to maximize profits rather than help brew a great cup of coffee. In contrast, we designed our pods to hold 7.5 grams of coffee, allowing for a much richer, more flavorful brew. 

Business has been strong for the start-up, as the team works quickly to scale and address demand. The founders take great pride in their product. Capturing the essence and ritual of the coffee culture of Italy and offering it to consumers at an accessible price for all. All of the coffee is roasted in Italy in the company’s facility and all packaging and products meet EU food and safety standards, which are even higher than those in the US.