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Mosaic Expert Shares Advice on Mosaic Art Selection for Pools

Insights from Chady Tawil, CEO at Mozaico, on Stylish Pool Design Upgrades

All images courtesy of Mozaico

Mosaic art is a timeless and sophisticated choice for pool design. Mosaic art adds a touch of elegance, color, and personality to any pool area, transforming it into a genuine oasis. Chady Tawil, CEO at Mozaico, a leading producer of handcrafted mosaic art, shares insights into the nuances of selecting mosaic art for pools to achieve the most complimentary results.

Consider the Environment

Before diving into mosaic art options, Tawil recommends evaluating the environment in which the pool is situated. Elements such as climate, surrounding architecture, and the pool’s overall design should all be considered. 

“Understanding the environmental conditions ensures that the chosen mosaic materials and designs withstand the elements and seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious and enduring visual experience.” – shares Tawil.

Choose Durable Materials

Durability is an essential component when selecting mosaic art for a pool. The materials chosen for the mosaic should be resistant to water, chemicals, and sunlight to ensure longevity. Glass and ceramic tiles are preferred options for their durability against fading, cracking, and damaging pool chemicals. 

At Mozaico, the commitment to quality extends to the meticulous selection of source materials to craft sustainable mosaics. Mozaico places a premium on the quality of their creations, guaranteeing their mosaics delight with intricate designs and endure as timeless art pieces for pool spaces and beyond.

Personalize with a Theme

“Infuse your personality into the pool area by choosing a mosaic art theme that resonates with your style. Mosaic art is versatile, offering a range of pieces from abstract designs to patterns inspired by nature. Personalizing your pool with mosaic art allows you to create a distinctive space that reflects your taste and enriches the overall ambiance,”– continues Tawil.

Mozaico offers over 7000 mosaic designs on its website with endless customization opportunities. For those who have a specific image or pattern in mind for their pool, Mozaico’s team is ready to bring it to life in mosaic form without any additional cost.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

While mosaic art enhances the beauty of your pool, it is important to consider the maintenance essentials linked to different materials and designs. 

Tawil shares: “While mosaic art is a durable and visually captivating choice for pool design, it does present distinctive maintenance considerations. Consistent attention is essential for grout lines to prevent the build-up of dirt and mold, and long-term exposure to pool chemicals can affect the appearance of the tiles. Factors such as hard water stains, possible tile repairs, and ensuring non-slip surfaces add further considerations. Additionally, the impact of weathering necessitates careful material selection to endure outdoor conditions. Preserving the enduring beauty of mosaic pool designs relies on meticulous upkeep, adherence to cleaning guidelines, and choosing high-quality materials.”

Choosing mosaic art for a pool involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics, durability, safety, and personalization. With these expert tips in mind, it’s effortless to transform a pool into a captivating and enduring work of art that enriches your outdoor living space for years.