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Poor night’s sleep? Your mattress may be to blame.

The Big Fig Mattress + Foundation

A defective mattress can weaken your immune system and lead to chronic back pain and increased stress levels.

Studies show that people who suffer from lack of sleep or poor sleep, have 48 percent more chances of developing a heart condition, compared to those who sleep well.

Big Fig is the market leader of the plus-sized mattress category and has created a mattress that is perfectly tailored to the needs of a fuller-figured body. Its hybrid design combines 1600 coil springs (50% more than the average premium innerspring mattress) and 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning (which is 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress) for maximum support.

The Big Fig mattress also features a ThermoGel cooling technology, which cools the body’s temperature as you sleep. This technology activates ultimate sleep comfort through a cooling sensation for a good night’s sleep – every night.