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3 Tips for Growing Your Home Renovation Startup


Are you just starting a home renovation business in your area? Perhaps you have worked a number of years for a general contractor and have made the decision to branch out on your own. Rather than working as a subcontractor, you’ve decided that you would rather help homeowners improve their property instead of building new residential properties. There are a number of reason why this makes perfect business sense, so here are some tips on growing your new home renovation startup.

1. Define Your Market

The first thing you may want to do is to understand why there is a market for home renovations. Many homeowners opt to make improvements to their current home rather than selling to move into a new house. Their reasons could be financial and sometimes they simply don’t want to go through the hassle of moving to a new location with everything that entails. It is simply easier to make improvements to their current home and this is what you need to target. What kinds of improvements are you targeting? This should be at the top of your list! Bearing in mind that most homeowners are seeking affordable solutions, this is how you define and capture that portion of the market.

2. Stay Current on Regulations

One of the main issues you may encounter as a home renovation contractor would be changing regulations in certain areas of the country. Lead safety is huge in the renovation sector, especially for homes built prior to the 1970s. Keep in mind that older homes are probably going to be your biggest market, so take the time to be certified in EPA Lead Certifications with courses you can find at ZOTA safety services. These will ensure that you are up on all the latest requirements and that you meet national standards. It pays to invest in these certifications for you as well as for your key workers. One slight oversight could cost you a small fortune in fines as well as in construction delays!

3. Invest in Marketing

As a startup, chances are you will find it difficult to find clients in the very beginning. Make sure to set aside a budget for marketing. Whether you choose to market online or in your local area, you can’t possibly hope to find clients if they don’t know who you are and what services you offer! Don’t forget to play heavily on the certifications you have invested in like the ZOTA safety services certifications mentioned above. Many homeowners want to know that any possible environmental hazards will be eliminated and this is an important marketing strategy.

When starting a home renovation business, it is vital to understand that marketing is going to be a key concern, especially in the very beginning. Remember, when you were working under a general contractor, you didn’t need to worry about getting clients. That’s what the general contractor did! Now you are on your own and it is up to you to find jobs, however large or small. Don’t forget to highlight any special certifications you hold. Customer testimonials will also help, so gather as many as you can. With fewer people buying new builds and a growing number investing in renovations, the market is there. It’s up to you to corner it and these tips will help.