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Are You Tired Of Pesky Drafts Getting In Your Home?


If you keep cranking up the heat and feel like the indoor temperature is still freezing, your house may have a problem that’s much bigger than a broken thermostat. Air leaks are creeping into your home and ruining any attempt at temperature regulation — this means that both your heating and air conditioning are disrupted by drafts making their way inside. If you are tired of dealing with this frustrating problem, here is exactly how you can find and get rid of pesky air leaks.

The first step to solving this issue is finding the exact areas where the drafts are entering the house, which can be quite the task if you have a lot of ground to cover. You can hire a professional to perform an energy audit, which is a thorough inspection of your property intended to spot problem areas that lead to energy loss. If you would rather perform the inspection yourself, you can try a DIY energy audit — make sure to check every corner of the house and to take notes of your observations. Start the audit by inspecting your windows for air leaks because these are likely the origins of any drafts coming into the house:

  • Look closely for gaps in the caulking and damages to the weather stripping,and whether the windows shut properly.
  • Hold a stick of lit incense in front of your closed windows on a windy day—if the smoke drifts away from the window, drafts are making their way into your home.
  • Use an infrared thermometer to see if colder temperatures are forming around the windows.

When you find evidence of air leaks in your windows, one excellent solution that will stop the air leaks from continuing is getting high-quality replacements. If you remove all of your old drafty windows and get new air tight picture windows professionally installed, you won’t have to worry about outdoor temperatures entering your home and ruining your comfort. Choose these replacements from an innovative company that prioritizes energy-efficiency and customer satisfaction, like Golden Windows. This manufacturer and distributor has been offering superior windows and doors for builders, renovators and homeowners for over fifty years.

Toprevent any possibility of gaps for air leaks, your new windows need to be weatherstripped and sealed with caulking — and these aspects need to be conducted by trained professionals. You should also choose a company like Golden Windows because they have a certified installation team that will come to your residence to expertly install and seal your windows. Under no circumstances should you try to save money by trying to do the installation on your own — a rushed, poor or amateur installation could completely disrupt the effectiveness of brand-new windows.

The moment that you have your drafty windows replaced with high-quality, energy-efficient options, you will notice the difference in your home. You will notice that on cold nights, you don’t have to keep turning up the thermostat to fight the chill and you will see on sweltering days, that you don’t have to keep the air conditioning blasting to feel relief.