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Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Celebrates National Indigenous History Month with Invitation to Take the 7 Generations Pledge

Mountain biking through the arid landscape of Kenna Cartwright Park in Kamloops BC Credit: Destination BC/Andrew Strain

The 7 Affirmations for 7 Generations

Thompson Okanagan Regional Pledge

1 |  True Roots – Discover the soul of a place in its history.

There is wisdom held in the ancestral roots of our land.  To learn the ways of the Indigenous people is to learn how to heal our past – and our future.

A couple taking a tour at the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre Credit: Destination BC/Hubert Kang

2 |  Tread Lightly – As of this moment, you are deemed a “guardian of the land, air and water.”

Please accept this title with honour and a commitment to do everything in your power to preserve the delicate balance of our flora, fauna and the beautiful ecosystems that sustain us all.

3 |  Be a Good Neighbour – Whether you’ve journeyed near or far, we invite you to feel at home in this place, and value it as we do.

We hope that you will feel as comfortable here as you do in your own home, and we know that you will regard the communities and their residents with an equal care and consideration.

4 |  Travel Safely – Follow the map of your heart, but venture wisely.

This is a place where memories of a lifetime should be made. So, with blue skies above and the wind at your back, carry with you the wisdom of a seasoned traveller.

People hiking on Gil’s Trail at Sun Peaks Resort. Credit: Tourism Sun Peaks/Kelly Funk

5 |  Live in Harmony – Let a life outside bring you happiness inside by learning the laws of wilderness living.

Embrace a simpler existence and find peace amidst the wilderness and those of like minds. There is great reward in having the skills and knowledge to live in harmony in the greater outdoors.

6 |  Choose Local – Choose to buy locally and you’ll transform riches into enrichment.

You have the ability to nourish the strength and character of the communities you visit. Be a champion for the local folks, leaving a wake of pride and gratitude along your way.

7 |  Educate Others – Anything worth knowing is worth sharing.

Doing the right thing is the cost of entry and mindfulness is the ticket. Pass it on. 

Individuals can take the pledge here, Businesses can take the pledge here