Everybody deserve a place where they can quickly escape from the daily grind and unwind. 

And it is best when that retreat is in your home — you don’t have to drive to get there, there are no line ups or appointments required and no cover charge to get in. Some people have a book nook, or a converted shed. The ideal may be re-creating a spa experience in your own bathroom. With a few quick upgrades and changes, you can convert a regular bathroom into a place of tranquility, relaxation and comfort.

“The bathroom is a very personal space, and making a bit of effort to truly make the space your own can make a huge difference,” says Brittany Raposo, Spectrum Brands Marketing Coordinator for Pfister Faucets in Canada. “Installing fixtures and features that pamper and soothe is an investment in self-care. It’s investment that will bring you inner peace for the long term.”

When planning your personal spa space, there are a few key elements that should be included:

  • Big Soaker Tub — Settling into a tub of hot water after a long day is incredibly relaxing and soothing. It is also good for your body. The hot water encourages blood flow which activates amino acids and helps sore muscles heal and repair. Add a stylish touch to a free-standing tub with a free-standing tub filler, or for a built-in tub blend style and function with a massaging shower wand
  • Soothing Aromas — An inexpensive addition to your home spa – aromatic candles. The comforting fragrances will help melt away your stress while simultaneously creating a calm atmosphere with gentle light. Look for candles with the aromas of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, rose or cedarwood.
  • Comfy Robe — Soft, warm and comfortable, you want a good robe for your at-home spa experience. Think something that is thick and soft, with matching slippers.
  • Drenching Shower — Standing under a steady stream of hot water is invigorating. Pfister’s HydroDrench spray technology has created the ultimate shower — focused coverage with perfect pressure while conserving water. It utilizes bigger water droplets with a unique spray pattern to ensure even, consistent coverage, with five settings that include a drenching to full coverage to an intense water massage.
  • Water Massage — Water has many therapeutic properties, not the least of which is the ability to use a strong, focused stream of pulsing water to work knots out of tired and aching muscles. Multi-function shower wands can be used to directly target those areas that need the most attention. Or go for an all-over coverage with Pfister ThermoForce, hitting you with bigger water droplets in a unique circular spray pattern.
  • Full Body Treatment — The shower panel is the ultimate addition to your home spa. Stand under the raincan showerhead has body jets shoot powerful streams of water on your back and a wand helps get those tough-to-reach spots.

“There isn’t much in our daily routine that is as relaxing as a shower,” says Brittany. “A massaging shower will help wash your stress away and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.” For more information on Pfister Faucets, please visit pfisterfaucets.ca.