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How to change a headlight


An introduction to headlights

One of the things that completely changed the history of man was the conception and the inception of the concept of an automobile. Before the invention of automobiles, if a person wanted to travel somewhere, they did not have many options before them, as the first and very exhausting option was to walk by foot, the second and a lot more expensive being the option of travelling there by horse coach. Sure, one has the option of travelling by train, but they hardly go to traveler specified spaces, as they only run from one town to the next and onto the next.

The Importance of Headlights

Now, headlights are of course very useful for all the drivers who choose to drive along roads that are inherently darkened. They provide much needed illumination that makes sure the drivers don’t drive off the road, or crash into roadside (or on the road itself) objects, such as signposts, the much common tree, and the equally common wandering animal (its more common than you would think!).

The Durability of Headlights- (Non-existent)

But the fact is, headlights are not the sturdiest things ever built. Not by a long shot. Headlights are liable to break at the slightest bump or heavy impact, with both the glass protective cover and the bulb inside being smashed to bits and pieces that are a huge pain to take out, as one must make sure that not one remains before putting in the new parts and components.

Thus, for the convenience of the reader, we have compiled a list of the steps required in order to fix a headlight. Keep scrolling to find out more:

Step 1

The first step is to assure yourself of the integrity of your workspace. It is very hard to repair something by the side of the road, where sudden surprising sounds may startle you and cause you to drop tools, or to mess up something important you were doing. If that happens, well, it is not a good thing, as you just made a very important and glaring problem turn even worse by either smashing the bulb or making a mistake of the same gravity and high magnitude.

Step 2

The second step is to locate the bulb holder. Now, for doing this, first open the hood of your car. Second, find the back of the headlight, and then the bulb holder, which should be easy to spot as it has three wires that are coming out of it from a plug.

Step 3

These wires are attached to a plug near the headlight itself, which (the plug) is held in place by one of three things- a plastic catch, a metal clip or a screw cap. A catch can be loosened by pressing down on a lever found on the top of the plug, a clip can be straightaway pulled off and a cap has to unscrewed off.

Step 4

At this point, all we have to do is reach in and pull the old bulb out. Be careful to hold on to the base only, and if it does not come out, it probably needs to be rotated off.

Step 5

Now, one has to attach a new headlight bulb to the plug. Before doing so, we must be sure to only handle the bulb itself with a rag or tissue, as our skin oils can be very harmful for the bulb. Grab the bulb with a rag, replace it in the plug, and make sure that it’s all the way in, and the job is done.

Step 6

After reconnecting the different wires and parts of the headlight, make sure that the lights are working. If they aren’t, be sure to check whether you’ve reattached everything in the proper way.