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Amazing Seating Ideas For Your Garden

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

There are some wonderful gardens to explore in Victoria, from the wonderful landscaping of Butchart Gardens, to the calm Abkhazi Garden with its lovely little teahouse. Sometimes though, the garden that is truly the best, is your own. After the hard work of planting and maintenance in your garden, the biggest joy of all is simply to spend time in it and enjoy the view. There are many different ways you can accommodate unusual seating areas, that will improve your outdoor space.

All-weather stone benches

Many people think of wood when it comes to garden benches, but stone is durable, long-lasting and waterproof. Because of their resistant nature, stone garden benches can be left outside whatever the weather, and what is more, they are made in all shapes and sizes. They can also be customised to your favorite designs, or have an inscription carved into them. You can lay cushions over a stone bench to make them cozy and comfortable, which can then be stored if it rains.

Pallet furniture

Using pallets to create a seating area in your garden is brilliant, especially if you are working on a tight budget. Most home improvement and hardwares stores stock pallets, although you will also find a lot of companies giving these away for free. It’s certainly not going to break the bank.  You will also have the option too, of expanding your benches when you need it. Try creating a U-shaped seating area that can have a table or even a campfire as a centrepiece. You can paint your pallets in soothing or vibrant colors to look like beautiful beach huts. If you varnish them after painting, they will be weatherproof and will last better, rain or shine.

Wicker armchairs

Create a library reading nook in your garden using some comfortable wicker armchairs. These can be in the traditional Lloyd Loom style, but how about some beautiful hanging egg shaped wicker chairs? They swing gently in the breeze and will be loved equally by children as well as the grown ups of your family. You can buy egg-shaped chairs that attached to stands, or ones that hang from a good, sturdy tree. They are a lovely way to relax, and a really unusual statement piece for your garden.

Spending time in the garden is calming and good for the soul. With a beautiful seating area you can hang out with friends and family, or just have a peaceful break on a Sunday, reading the newspapers.