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British Columbians doing more to protect themselves before planning spring travel

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Image by Jan Vašek

A new survey shows that British Columbians plan to travel this spring and summer, but concerns about travel issues have them taking steps to protect themselves.

According to the latest BCAA Travel Confidence Survey, 77% of British Columbians plan to travel for vacation this spring and summer, and 40% will be flying to get there. But concerns about the hassles of travel following recent events with airlines, hotels, and airports has British Columbians nervous.

Eighty-four per cent say they are concerned about flight delays, lost bags, and other headaches, while 83% are worried about staffing issues. Seventy-six percent are concerned about the impact of weather events on travel, and 86% worry about the increasing difficulties getting refunds from airlines for cancelled trips. Inflation and the high cost of living are also on the minds of many travellers, with 89% watching travel costs closely and 55% saying high costs will make them less likely to travel.

While many are still determined to travel for fun, British Columbians are taking steps to protect themselves. Travel Insurance is becoming a must-have, with 75% more likely to get trip cancellation insurance and 62% more likely to get travel medical insurance than they were before the latest travel woes.

BCAA Director Namita Kearns is not surprised by the results. “With a significant growth in travel insurance sales we commissioned this survey to better understand what’s on British Columbians’ minds as they plan their vacations, and how BCAA can help,” said Kearns. “We love that people are travelling again but there are some things outside of their control. Insurance is one way to protect what can be a significant investment and allow people to enjoy their well-deserved vacations.”

British Columbian travellers are also looking for other ways to reduce travel headaches as 66% say they are less likely to check luggage, while 85% are booking direct flights and 41% are using travel agents. US destinations are more attractive with 58% saying they would prefer to travel closer to home.

In terms of insurance coverage, BCAA offers the following tips:

  • Purchase insurance early. Take care of it when you book your trip and make sure you’re covered if something happens from the time you book your trip to departure.
  • Travel insurance options include trip protection and travel medical insurance. Consider getting both to be fully covered.
  • Travellers are strongly advised to read their insurance policies closely. If they have questions, they should speak to an insurance advisor to make sure they understand their policy and aren’t making assumptions.