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How To Cheaply Update Your Wardrobe By Shopping Local

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Canadians are advised to spend 5% of their after-taxes take-home pay on their clothing, there are other rules that apply when trying to renovate your wardrobe. Famous designer Michael Kors, for example, asserts that 70% of your wardrobe should be stuff you wear every day, and he might be onto something. If you’re dedicated to saving money on renovating your home, you will probably feel just as dedicated to saving when renovating your wardrobe. The great news is, it’s actually pretty easy to completely change your look and feel fashionably refreshed without breaking the bank. The key is in staying close to home.

Stick to a few staple clothing items

One might assume that the more clothes you have in your closet the more options you’ll have to mix and match wardrobes. However, sticking to a few essential staples can not only help you stretch your wardrobe while renovating it completely, but it can also save you money and ultimately lead to a more efficient decision-making process each morning. Everybody needs a few comfortable, well-fitted staples in their wardrobe, whether they’re shoes, skirts, or a great pair of jeans. To accomplish this while on a budget, try selecting a few neutral base colors that you like and add in other colors and styles that complement your base. By starting with the basics and having items that you can mix and match, you’ll feel like you’ve got a huge selection of clothes to wear without spending the money on a big wardrobe. Sweaters and button ups are a great way to ensure you are covered and can be paired with pretty much anything: jeans, heels, flats, and more.

Shopping local in Victoria

You don’t have to go far to find outstanding and fairly-priced clothing in Victoria. Mayfair Mall and Uptown Mall are both homes to a variety of clothing stores where you will be able to find everything you need. It is important to focus on shopping for quality as you try to renovate your clothing arsenal. As you will be purchasing just a few key pieces, they key in saving money is by looking for high-quality fabrics and material that will withstand the test of time and a lot of use while you mix and match them with your other clothing items.

If you want to really make your wardrobe stand out, you can start on Lower Johnson and make your way up toward Government Street to shop the local boutiques. For the perfect accent piece, try heading over to Skanda on Fort Street to create your own custom jewelry with gemstones and beads. Not only is this a great way to ensure you are giving back to your local economy, but it is also the perfect opportunity to ensure you are incorporating something into your wardrobe that is economical as well as designed especially just for you.

A new you is waiting in Victoria

Changing your look and even your life doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. To renovate your wardrobe, all you have to do is shop smart, shop local and focus on purchasing a few staple clothing pieces that you can mix and match with others that you might already have in your closet. Make sure you’re shopping smart and have a few high-quality items that you love on rotation to make a wardrobe last throughout the entire year.