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How to Easily Achieve a ‘FRIENDS’ Home


Three women, three men living together in a New York apartment. TV hit series dating back to 1994 and ending in 2004 recently released all episodes on NETFLIX. For FRIENDS fans it meant binge watching and many nights dreaming of their fun unique Monicas-apartment-on-Friends-5home which is shown in every episode and over the span of 10 years began to feel a bit more like the viewers home as well.

The welcoming brightly coloured kitchen where multiple holiday dinners took place seems as if a focal point of the home. From Joey always sneaking sandwiches from the fridge to Monica always fussing over what goes where, there have been many iconic moments in the series that take place in the turquoise kitchen.

How to achieve the kitchen colour: at HOME recommends Farrow & Ball for their lead in craftsmanship of paint from England and available in Canada. Bring some more light into your home with Blue Ground No.210 which could be inspired by the FRIENDS kitchen with a modern twist.

It wouldn’t be the FRIENDS apartment without the wooden circular table in the middle of the kitchen where 00250some sort of gossip or dispute would be discussed. To achieve the FRIENDS dining look we suggest this great find from The Fabulous Find. This iconic three legged Heart table & chair set would make a great addition to any home.

hanover loveAs for the infamous FRIENDS couch – try updating the style of the sofa to a modern love seat. This Hanover love seat from Monarch Furnishings is elegant and contemporary. With foam and fibre filled cushions, comfort is also at the forefront.

The living room wouldn’t be complete without the square wooden coffee table in front of the sofa which Monica flips out when moved. The coffee table brings a rustic and cabin essence to the living space 1447-full-w1000which this version from Urban Barn does as well. Settler coffee table, large $899.

The iconic big comfy chair where Pheobe was found most of her days can be easily transformed into a Monicas-apartment-set-design-on-Friendsmodern cozy addition to your entertainment room. This Logan chair from Bespoke Design is a great interpretation of the logan (3)FRIENDS chair in a fun print with with ultimate comfort for your lounging friends like Pheobe.

As for bringing some unique framed artwork into your home we recommend The Print Lab to get all your favourite images printed out or framed to hang in your new FRIENDS inspired living space.

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